Core qualities

To achieve our mission, every employee possesses a combination of core qualities: discipline, analytical capability and a progressive mindset.


The core quality that underpins our actions is discipline. This means that we make clear agreements and adhere to them, render account for our activities and are clear about our priorities. Discipline enables us to expand our analytical capability and provides us with the foundation to be able to act progressively.

Analytical capability

The core quality of analytical capability is reflected in all our daily activities. A key aspect of supervision entails analysing actions, developments and conduct. Due to the increased potential for using data, the importance of analysis is constantly increasing. Data analysis enables us to identify problems at an earlier stage, and even better, to prevent them.

Progressive mindset

The core quality of a progressive mindset is reflected in our mentality and style of working, in our dealings with one another and the outside world, in the partnerships we enter into and in having the courage to experiment with new tools and methods.

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