Additional positions, held by board members

Below you will find details of the positions held by members of the board in addition to their job as board member of the AFM.

M.W.L. (Merel) van Vroonhoven (Chair)

  • Member Dutch Council INSEAD
  • Member Supervisory Board Gemeentemuseum Den Haag
  • Member Nederlandse Sport Raad

G.J. (Gerben) Everts

  • Board Member of the 'Vereniging voor financieel recht'
  • Member curatorium postdoctoral education Accountancy of the Tilburg University
  • Member Programme Board Executive Internal Auditing Programme, Amsterdam Business School, UVA

H.L. (Hanzo) van Beusekom

  • Chairman Supervisory Board Oxfam Novib

E.M.A. (Ellen) van Schoten, COO

  • Board Member of Trustees of the postgraduate programme Accountancy of the Vrije Universiteit

June 2018

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