Jos Heuvelman and Hanzo van Beusekom appointed to AFM Executive Board

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Following their nomination by the Supervisory Board, Hanzo van Beusekom and Jos Heuvelman have been appointed as Executive Board members of the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) by the Minister of Finance Wopke Hoekstra. They will take on their positions on 1 June and 1 September 2018 respectively, for a four-year term. Heuvelman is currently a divisional director at De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB, the Dutch central bank) and Van Beusekom is a partner at Clear Conduct, a strategic consultancy specialising in supervision.

These two appointments, together with existing AFM board members Merel van Vroonhoven and Gerben Everts, bring the total number of board members mandated under the articles of association to four, supplemented by Ellen van Schoten in her role as Chief Operating Officer.

Supervision strengthened and renewed

portrait Jos HeuvelmanJos Heuvelman is currently divisional director for the Supervision of European Banks at DNB. Within the Single Supervisory Mechanism, this involves the day-to-day supervision of the six major banks. He brings with him more than 32 years of experience as a central banker and supervisor in the financial sector. At DNB, he held a range of management positions in different supervisory divisions, at both national and international level. He played an instrumental role in various major changes within DNB, including the introduction of the European banking union. His main role will involve the further strengthening of the AFM’s supervision of the retail market (loans, savings, investments, insurance and pensions).

Heuvelman (1962) studied econometrics in Groningen, economics in Amsterdam and obtained a Master’s in financial risk management in New York.

portrait Hanzo van BeusekomHanzo van Beusekom is currently a partner at Clear Conduct, a strategic consultancy specialising in strengthening supervision. Over the last eight years, he has supported more than twenty supervisory organisations in the Netherlands and internationally. This appointment marks his return to the AFM, where he was head of Strategic Analysis from 2003 until 2010, responsible for the supervision of major financial institutions. Before that, he was a strategy consultant at The Boston Consulting Group. At AFM, he will be responsible for cross-sector supervision and renewal. His main role will involve making supervision more data- and technology-driven.

Van Beusekom (1972) studied economics in Amsterdam and obtained an MBA at INSEAD. He chairs the supervisory board of Oxfam Novib and is a senior expert in financial supervision affiliated with the World Bank. He will stand down from the latter position before commencing his appointment at the AFM.

“The arrival of these two new board members gives an added boost to the AFM’s declared strategy of strengthening and renewing supervision of the financial markets"

Executive Board team now at full strength

Paul Rosenmöller, Chairman of the AFM Supervisory Board: "With the appointment of Jos Heuvelman, we are welcoming a heavyweight from the world of supervision to the AFM. He brings with him three decades of experience and an impressive service record in the Netherlands and internationally. Hanzo van Beusekom not only brings knowledge of the AFM and experience in supervision of the financial sector. In a range of different roles, he has shown himself to be a genuine agent of innovation in supervision.”

Merel van Vroonhoven, Chair of the AFM: “The arrival of these two new board members gives an added boost to the AFM’s declared strategy of strengthening and renewing supervision of the financial markets. The financial sector is changing at a rapid pace. This means that the role of supervisor also needs to change. I am delighted with the appointment of both Jos and Hanzo. They bring with them valuable experience and renewal, each from their own perspective. This brings the board back up to full strength, creating a varied team of members who complement each other very effectively.”


The two new board members will receive remuneration in accordance with the Executives' Pay (Standards) Act (Wet normering topinkomens – WNT). For the Chair, an individual exception to the WNT was made in 2015 and announced. Because the generic annual indexation was accidentally omitted at that time, this has now been rectified.

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