AFM publishes provisional plans for 2014

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The Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) has published the 2014 draft Agenda. It contains the provisional plans for the coming year.

On the basis of an analysis of external developments, the AFM has decided to continue its nine supervision themes in 2014:

  • Product providers put customer’s interest first
  • The quality of financial services has improved
  • The quality of capital accumulation has improved
  • Financial services to (semi-)professional parties is suitable
  • Pension administrators provide an overview and insight into the size and risks of pensions
  • The quality of governance, reporting and audits will improve
  • The securities markets function fairly and efficiently and the infrastructure remains robust
  • Market conduct supervision contributes to the stability of the financial system
  • Harmful behaviour and financial crime decrease

The plans have been adjusted on the basis of the identified market developments.

Market input

In May 2013, the AFM requested the market to contribute its ideas for the plans for 2014. We have received several responses to the above request. We have also conducted meetings with various market parties, interest groups and fellow supervisors. The responses and meetings were very useful and we have taken them into account when drawing up our plans.


This month, the AFM will discuss the draft Agenda with the Advisory Panel of the representative organisations. Organisations of businesses, consumers and investors participate to this panel. The Agenda will be sent to the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Social Affairs for approval in December.

The AFM is committed to promoting fair and transparent financial markets.

As an independent market conduct authority, we contribute to a sustainable financial system and prosperity in the Netherlands.

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