Head of AFM Supervision Accountancy Firms Janine van Diggelen appointed as vice chairman of IFIAR

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Janine van Diggelen of the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) has been appointed vice chairman of the International Forum of Independent Audit Regulators (IFIAR).

Van Diggelen is head of the AFM’s Supervision Accountancy Firms and was already closely involved in IFIAR in connection with her position. She has been appointed for a period of two years, and will combine this position with her activities for the AFM. Lew Ferguson, board member of American regulator PCAOB, was elected chairman during the annual meeting in Noordwijk.

IFIAR is the international networking organisation of accountancy firm regulators. Worldwide, 46 independent regulators are affiliated with IFIAR, including the AFM. IFIAR promotes cooperation between regulators (supervision and enforcement). This cooperation is intended to result in further collaboration and consistency in regulatory activity. The ultimate goal is to increase the quality of audits and thereby strengthen the confidence of investors and other users of financial statements in auditors and their audit opinions.

In addition, IFIAR consults periodically with investors, the large international networks of accounting firms and the regulators concerning, among other things, the findings of supervision investigations and current subjects, such as strengthening the independence of auditors and the adequacy of current audit opinions.

Follow the link to read more about what was discussed during the annual meeting in Noordwijk, which was hosted by the AFM:

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