Theodor Kockelkoren: "Focusing centrally on the client requires integral improvement"

"The general opinion is that you are a deflated human being lying broken on the floor. At least, that is Hein de Kort's vision in the FD of 31 October last. Whether it concerns bonuses, commission or the quality of products and services, the man and woman in the street are not singing your praises. The image of financial institutions is very negative, and confidence in them has dropped to a similar extent. The sector has been shaken to its foundations, and it is not just the small institutions that are falling over." This how Theodor Kockelkoren started his speech on 4 November 2009 at the Strategy Platform for Banks and Insurance Companies in Sint Michielsgestel.

This speech is only available in Dutch. You can download the full text of the speech next to this text.

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