Borrowing money costs money, the new mandatory warning for loan advertisements

"Be careful! Borrowing money costs money." As 1 April, this warning will be mandatory for all advertisements for loans on television, radio, Internet and all print media. General advertisements for mortgages and advertisements that relate to the purchase of a private home are exempted.

Providers, mediators and consultants must use the image and sound files provided by the AFM in their warnings in their commercial publications. The AFM has also set rules concerning the manner in which this warning must be included in a commercial publication. All files and rules can be found on the AFM's website at

The introduction of a loan advertisement warning is one of the measures taken by the cabinet to handle the increasing problems related to debts. It is intended to make consumers more aware of the costs and risks of loans. AFM research shows that 89% of consumers consider this measure a good idea.

Tested among consumers
Advertisement agency Roorda developed the warning sentences and symbols on the instructions of the AFM. These were presented to over 750 consumers by research agency Gfk Panel Services. The majority of consumers indicated that the sentence "Be careful! Borrowing money costs money "best points out the negative consequences of borrowing money. The research also showed that consumers understood the symbol as it was intended, namely that "a loan can become a ball and chain if you have not properly considered whether or not you can repay the loan". Moreover, they think that the symbol best matches the chosen sentence.

Other information about loans
Consumers can read up on how they can sensibly conclude a loan on the AFM consumer website and in the brochure "Sensible borrowing". Last week, the Consumer Credit Counselling Service (Nibud) introduces the Borrowing Risk Indicator, which provides consumers with insight into whether a loan fits in their budget. This risk indicator can be found at

The AFM is committed to promoting fair and transparent financial markets.

As an independent market conduct authority, we contribute to a sustainable financial system and prosperity in the Netherlands.

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