Proper information

'Information must be complete, not misleading and understandable'

Financial Supervision Act (Wet financieel toezicht-Wft)

A financial service provider must provide the following information before selling a product:

  • Information on the product itself. This means, for example, information about how the product can be terminated.

  • Information on any agreements with a bank or insurer. This may, for example, be information stating that the financial service provider only mediates in the case of products from a certain bank or insurer or only provides advice on products from this bank or insurer.

  • Information on the costs and risks associated with a product.

  • A financial information leaflet when a complex financial product is purchased. This is something you have to ask for.

  • Information on what the financial service provider earns from the product that he is advising on or mediating for. Since 1 January 2009, intermediaries have been obliged to tell you this. Providers who sell products to you directly have to provide details on the costs they have incurred for the advice.