The deposit guarantee scheme

The Dutch Central Bank (DNB) fully guarantees 100,000 euro of savings per account holder per bank. This is the basis of the deposit guarantee scheme. If a bank, at which you have up to 100,000 euro in savings, goes bankrupt, the DNB will refund you the entire amount. In the case of joint accounts held by two people, this refund applies per person.

In order to be eligible for this refund, the deposit scheme does have to apply to your bank. Banks established in the Netherlands which have a licence from the DNB are covered by the deposit guarantee scheme. Banks which are established in the European Union, Norway, Iceland or Lichtenstein and which operate in the Netherlands from a branch are covered by the deposit guarantee scheme of their country of origin.

Do you want to find out whether your bank falls into this category?
Search the Financial Supervision Act (FSA/ Wft) register at the Dutch Central Bank. You can find out from your bank as to whether the product that you have or want at that bank is covered by a deposit guarantee scheme. All banks, irrespective of their country of origin, are legally obliged to provide you with the relevant information.

The DNB is responsible for implementing the deposit guarantee scheme. For more information on the Deposit Guarantee Scheme see the question and answer on the website of the Dutch Central Bank: Questions about banks. If you have any questions about the guarantee scheme, please contact the DNB information desk by e-mail at or by telephone on working days from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m., tel.: 0800 -020 1068 (free).