The AFM's registers of firms

The registers are divided into two categories: firms and markets. In the Firms register you will find information on financial enterprises which have a licence or a notification on the grounds of a European Passport (foreign firm) and information on firms of accountants.

The ‘firms’ category comprises the following registers:

Public database audit firms

  • Public database audit firms
    This register consists of accountancy firms that applied for a licence from the AFM to (continue to) perform statutory audits.

Sub-register of the act Act on Financial Supervision

  • Investment Firms
    This subregister contains the stock brokers, investment management companies licensed by the AFM, credit institutions licensed by the DNB (Dutch Central Bank) that may also provide investment services, holders of a European passport or investment companies having an exemption.
  • Financial services providers
    This subregister contains financial services providers, associated companies, affiliated brokers, holders of a European passport and authorised agents. If a licence has been granted, a starting date is mentioned.
  • Credit institutions and financial institutions
    This subregister contains banks and electronic financial services providers.
  • Collective investment schemes
    This subregister lists financial management companies, investment companies without a separate manager, and notifications of UCITS investment companies having a separate manager.
  • Clearing institutions
    This subregister consists of clearing institutions licensed by the DNB.
  • Insurance companies
    This subregister consists of life insurers, non-life insurers (including health insurers) and funeral expenses and benefits in kind insurers.

The Financial Markets Information Line of the AFM

If you have any questions about the registers of the investment companies, investment institutions, financial services providers, accountancy firms or the registers in the category Markets, please contact the Financial Markets Information Line of the AFM. The telephone number is 0800 - 5400 540 (free) or from abroad +31 (0)20 - 797 3751.

The Information Desk of the Dutch Central Bank

If you have any questions about the registers of credit institutions and financial institutions, insurers and clearing houses, please contact the Information Desk of the Dutch Central Bank (DNB), telephone number 0800 - 0201068 (free) or send an email to