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When you take out a loan you do so for a reasonably long period of time, during which you have to pay monthly interest and make repayments. These are obligations that you cannot avoid, so decide beforehand how much you can afford and want to pay in monthly interest and repayments.

Additional insurance is certainly not always necessary

It is also advisable to decide in advance whether you want to take out insurance to cover the loan. Imagine, for example, that you become ill or have an accident and are unable to work, which means that you can no longer make the monthly payments. Consider carefully what risk you might want to cover and whether the costs are in proportion to the risk covered.

Some lenders oblige you to take out insurance to cover your loan. However, insurance is certainly not always necessary and can often be inadvisable. The coverage can also be limited although the premiums are high. Remember that you can always take out a loan where you are not obliged to take out insurance as well. Go to another lender if necessary: the interest may be a bit higher, but you may end up paying less overall. N.B.: if you are obliged to take out insurance, then you must be free to choose the insurer yourself.

Ask for several offers

You need to be aware if you obtain information from an intermediary that the intermediary is paid by the lenders for which he or she is acting as intermediary. This payment is called commission. So the intermediary and the advice may not always be unbiased! It is therefore advisable to ask for several offers and compare terms and conditions.

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