Step 1: Write a letter

Do you have a complaint about saving, loaning, investing or insurance? For example: you have not been informed properly of the risks or costs? First write a letter to the financial undertaking. Also send a copy of your letter to the AFM reporting line.

Clearly (short and to the point!) describe your complaint in your letter and what you expect of the financial undertaking. This will give the undertaking a chance to respond to the complaint. A financial undertaking is obliged to deal with a complaint in careful manner and within a reasonable term. Step 4 (check all steps) provides within what term you can submit a complaint.

What is the complaints procedure?

Financial undertakings are required to have a complaints procedure in place. It sets out what you have to do when you have a complaint.

The complaints procedure can be found in the General Conditions or in the contract of the financial product. And sometimes also on the undertaking's website. If you are satisfied with the manner in which your complaint was handled you do not need to take any further steps. Proceed to step 2 if you are not satisfied.

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