Universal Compliance Commission

20 Oct 2016 Waarschuwing van een buitenlandse toezichthouder

De Financial Services Agency in Japan waarschuwt het publiek tegen Universal Compliance Commission:

Type: Non-registered or non-authorized entity
Adres: Otemachi First Square 1-5-1, 4/F East tower, Chiyoda-ku, Otemachi, Tokyo, ZIP 100-0004
Telnr.: +81 3 4578 7946
Fax: +81 3 6745 9296
Website: http://www.universalccomm.com/index.php

De autoriteit in Japan waarschuwt voor de frauduleuze praktijk van ‘cold calling’. De Financial Services Agency geeft onder andere het volgende aan:

"Cold-calling" is a practice where by an entity disguises itself as a brokerage firm or an asset management firm and approaches potential investors via non face-to-face channels, such as by phone, fax, and emails, in order to solicit investment in securities or financial products. Typically, a "cold caller" makes unsolicited calls to potential investors, cajoles them into deciding to purchase certain securities, and then, becomes unavailable for contact after the investor sends the money for that purchase. As a result, the investors cannot obtain the securities although they made the payment, and they also cannot get back the money they paid.

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