Daniel Araque

16 dec 2014 Waarschuwing van een buitenlandse toezichthouder

The CNMV has come to know of the sending of e-mails addressed to potential investors, which are purported to have been sent alleged CNMV’s employees, offering the acquisition of securities, the involvement in different investment projects or similar securities markets related businesses.

In particular, the CNMV warns that the following persons are not and have never been CNMV’s employees. We also warn that the land lines and e-mail addresses that they use are not genuine CNMV’s land lines or e-mail addresses.

Miguel Suárez García
911 414 281

Daniel Araque
911 980 626

In connection with this warning, the CNMV would like to remind that:

‐ The CNMV under no circumstances offers or proposes the carrying out of financial investment or investments of any other nature.

‐ Any person receiving any message with a content similar to the one described in this warning should exercise the greatest possible caution before proceeding by testing, in advance, the veracity of the information.

‐ Under no circumstance bank account information should be given or investments or signature of contracts should be carried out with individuals or companies which are not duly authorized and registered in the relevant official Registries.

We encourage investors to visit The Investors Corner at the CNMV’s website (www.cnmv.es): https://www.cnmv.es/Portal/inversor/Indice.aspx

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