MiFID II - SI notification

You can email notifications of the systematic internalisation (SI) status (in accordance with Article 18.4 and Article 15.1 of the Regulation No 600/2014, MiFiR) to The AFM will forward the notifications to ESMA for entry in the SI register.

If the threshold values for SI are exceeded, you must meet the requirements for SI from that moment on and inform the AFM of this exceeding within 24 hours. See Articles 16-20 in the annex to the delegated regulation 2017/565.

For a quick registration, you need to submit the data in accordance with the specifications below.

Specification Description
 File type  Comma Separated Values file
 File extension  .CSV
 File name  [company name (max 10 characters), yyyy-mm-dd, serial number of notification]
 Delimiter in CSV file  ; (semi-colon)
 Text qualifier in CSV file  "

The file must always contain the fields that are listed in the table below. In addition, the fields must be processed in the same order and according to an identical notation, including punctuation, upper case and lower case letters.

 Order  Field name  Description Required value + designation  Maximum length 
 1  LEI_NR  Lei Number  Yes  20 characters
 2  KVK_NR  Your company's Chamber of Commerce no.  Yes  8 figures
 Segment MIC if available
 Yes  5 characters 
 4  ONDERNEMING_NAAM  Your company's name  Yes  50 characters
 5  MIFIR_ID  MiFiR Identifier

For the identification of the instruments for which the company is SI

Yes, selection from one of the following values:

 4 characters
 6  SI_ID  SI Identifier

Yes - free text field that can be used to identifyat the most granular level for which instruments the company is SI So isin for equity, issuer for bonds, class for derivatives

Only include the instruments in which the SI is doing transactions smaller than Standard Market Size (SMS)

 50 characters

The notification must:

  • within 24 hours of exceeding the SI threshold value
  • in the aforementioned format
  • as annex to the email message
  • be sent to
  • with the subject being: 'mutation SI-status'

Add 'SI-ID only' to the subject if the notification solely concerns a change in the SI-ID field and there is no change at MiFiR-ID level.

Based on the first notifications, we will provide feedback on the technical requirements and, if necessary, ask you to modify the file in accordance with the specification above.

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