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The public databases contain licences that have been granted by the Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM). Financial undertakings must obtain a licence from De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) or AFM in order to be permitted to pursue their business in the Netherlands.

The public databases further contain the compulsory notifications. According to the law financial undertakings and shareholders have to notify these compulsory notifications to AFM. These notifications can only be found in the public databases on the AFM-website (

Searching the public databases
You have different possibilities for searching the public databases. On this page you can search all public databases at once with one or more search terms. Subsequently, by selecting your search result you can view the information concerned. In the menu on the left-handside you can find the different public databases available. After selecting a specific public database you can search within this public database by using key words. You can limit the amount of search results by selecting one or more search filters/categories. The registers of DNB are no longer searchable through this website.